Device control

SMA Sunny Home Manager 2.0

  • Energy manager with integrated measuring device
  • Consumption analysis of individual consumers
  • Optimized battery charging in SMA storage systems




  • Wireless AC switch for controlling electrical devices
  • Device control can be done remotely according to a preconfigured schedule or dynamically by the inverter for maximized self-consumption
  • Built-in energy and power consumption metering

SolarEdge Immersion Heater ControllerSEHAZB-HEAT-CONT-3

  • Immersion heater controller adjusts the power supplied to the heater based on available PV power (up to 3kW)
  • Seamless integration with all SolarEdge inverters
  • Wireless communication between the inverter and Immersion Heater Controller via ZigBee

SolarEdge ZigBee ModuleSE1000-ZB06-MOD

  • ZigBee module to support Device Control functionality
  • Functions as Device Control network manager
  • Installed within the inverter enclosure for outdoor resilience

Solar-LogEGO Smart Heater

  • Frost protection function: at a water temperature below 4°C the screw-in heater starts to heat with 500 watts, freezing of the boiler is prevented (primary heating failure)
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Existing PV systems can be easily retrofitted