Krannich Solar opens branch in South Africa

Market for rooftop systems enjoying upswing in Africa’s southernmost country

The international photovoltaic distributor Krannich Solar is continuing its global expansion and opening a branch in Cape Town. The market has so far been managed from Germany by the international Sales department.


Founding this branch acknowledges the high dynamic growth in the market for rooftop systems. That means Krannich Solar will be able to offer its South African customers warehouse and logistics solutions along with services.


Krannich Solar made its debut in South Africa from 26 – 27 March 2019 at the Solar Show in Johannesburg. Effective solutions for the African PV market were presented under the motto SOLAR PV DISTRIBUTOR SINCE 1995. 


Photovoltaic systems allowing people to supply their own electricity are a hot trend in South Africa. Demand is being driven by a current explosion in electricity rates in particular. In real terms, the average electricity price has more than doubled since 2009. At the same time, procurement prices for photovoltaic components have been falling continually. On top of this, systematic partial shutdowns in the grid (load shedding) have again been occurring since December 2018. This is yet another factor spurring on the desire for independence from the public grid.


That makes photovoltaic systems increasingly attractive to private households and commercial enterprises”, states Kurt Krannich, the company founder and owner. “We’re witnessing a continuous rise in the enquiries for photovoltaic systems, especially from commercial enterprises and private households. Just the right segment for us as a wholesaler. Plus we expect this market to keep on growing strongly over the next few years.”


South Africa is a country blessed with sunshine. With more than 2500 hours of sunlight a year and an average global insolation of 2100 kilowatt hours per square meter, the potential for energy generation is virtually unrivalled in the world. The daily insolation values are around twice as high as in Europe. Although this immense potential was predominantly utilised in large installations of independent solar power generators to begin with, private households and traders have increasingly joined the action in recent years.